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Character and Novelty Cakes

Ideal for special birthdays and important life events, a novelty cake can really encapsulate the interests and character of the lucky recipient.  If you don't see a theme here which would suit your needs, please get in touch.

A chance to have fun and embrace creativity, where anything goes! Please click the images below for information.

Character and Novelty

Game of Thrones Dragon Cake

Every tier of this incredible wedding cake reflects a different aspect of the couples' favourite show. And the handcrafted wedding dragon tops it off!

game of thrones cake

Side view showing the cogs, Westeros map, bookshelf and coat of arms detailing

ballet logo cake

A ballet theme red velvet cake, personalised with all of the birthday boy's favourite things.

bar bette lynch cake

Chocolate and chocolate ganache buttercream cake and 'bar', clad with chocolate 'wood' for Bette Lynch and her rugby player!

Basketball cake orlando magic

A spherical basketball vanilla and raspberry cake for an Orlando Magic fan

new home cake_edited
garden bench cake

A chocolate cake 'bench' with Fairtrade chocolate walking boots and a pint, ready for a relax with the cat.

burger cake

A realistic burger cake with 'cheese and onions' ready to be demolished. And if you're still hungry, the napkin is edible too!

Peter Rabbit Faitrade White Chocolat

Peter is handcrafted from Fairtrade White Chocolate, with a blue fondant jacket. A beautiful traditional rabbit.

peter rabbit cake

Handcrafted white chocolate Peter Rabbit with his very own veg plot of edible miniatures.

unicorn cake

A happy unicorn with magical piped pastel swirls

Yoda and Pikachu Cake

Handcrafted Yoda and Pikachu wishing Happy Birthday!

moana cake

A chocolate cake with chocolate ganache buttercream, holds host to a fondant marine theme. Client's own models

100s and 1000s cake

Suitable for any birthday girl or boy, a 100s and 1000s cake is sure to brighten their special day

Elephant and Bunting Cake

This jolly little elephant announces a new baby with clouds and bunting

Ballet Shoes Rose Cake

Delicate Ballet Shoes and roses all handmade and dusted with shimmer. Perfect!

Kitchen Cake 1

A very personalised luscious lemon cake with lemon curd buttercream. The lucky recipient is a renowned baker and this table is filled with miniatures of her kitchen items - mostly edible!

Kitchen Cake 2

The natural light coming through my kitchen made this mini-kitchen look even more real!


Oh help! Oh no! This scary chap even has purple prickles, and is handcrafted from Fairtrade Chocolate and sugarpaste.

Gruffalo cake

A chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache buttercream, decorated with handcrafted characters in Fairtrade Chocolate and sugarpaste.

walking and dog 50 cake

Handcrafted chocolate dogs and walking boots, tools, sheep, fireman's helmet and much more make this carved vanilla sponge truly personalised.

XBox Controller Cake

Carved chocolate fudge cake and chocolate ganache buttercream. For a keen gamer!

Frozen Ice Cutters

A fun frosty cake depicting the cutting sugar 'ice' blocks and shards. Finished with figures with felt gilets, sugarpaper snowflakes, and plenty of edible glitter.

Mario Kart Race Cake

A chocolate fudge and ganache buttercream cake embellished with hand crafted and official kart figures. Ideal for a passionate gamer!

Elegant shoebox cake

Handcrafted high heeled shoe with satin bow embellishment, a beautiful finish to the shoe box and stunning scarlet large roses.

Spring Minicake

Handcrafted sugar daffodils on a chocolate and ganache buttercream minicake.

Allotment cake

Hand made sugarpaste vegetables nestled in a biscuit crumb veg plot. Perfect for the keen gardener.

Smart Police Cake

Handmade handcuffs, epaulettes and service badges on a vanilla sponge - for a well earned retirement.

The Witch had a Cat

Fun characters from the favourite children's book, handcrafted from sugarpaste.

Stable Cake

Handmade ponies to represent a special girl's favourite pony friends, hanging out in a vanilla sponge stable.

Nature Trail

Various flowers and creatures trail over this classic victoria sponge, made for a keen Biologist

Garden Ducks

This cake was designed to encompass the interests of a couple, hence the DIY tools nestled amongst the leaves. Rich chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache buttercream and fondant icing.

Smart Phone

This is a versatile design where the tiles can be selected to reflect the interests of the recipient. An ideal birthday cake for a phone addict.

Chocolate Speedboat

A chocolate fudge 8 inch square and replica speedboat all made of cake!

3D Football

Vanilla Sponge football and marbled fondant base cake. Simple but effective.

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