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Classic and Vintage Cakes

Perfect for Weddings and other formal celebrations, pretty piping, edible lace and handmade flowers add a sense of elegance and romance.

Suggested flavour combinations include;

Rich Brandy Fruit with Marzipan

Chocolate Fudge with Chocolate Ganache Buttercream

Vanilla with Raspberry and Vanilla Buttercream

Lemon with Zesty Lemon Buttercream


If there are other flavours that you would like to experience within a bespoke celebration cake, I would be delighted to discuss this with you.


Design meetings at your celebration venue will enable the perfect cake to suit. Please browse and click the images below for a description and inspiration.



Classic and Vintage

peter rabbit cake

Here's Peter with his edible book and allotment.

White Choc Peter Rabbit

Believe it or not, this Peter Rabbit is made of Fairtrade white chocolate with a fondant jacket. If you can bear to eat him, he's delicious!

peony jasmine 80th cake

A natural peony, jasmine and aquilegia spray for a very special birthday

Skiing and lace lyrics mountain

These newlyweds are skiing down lemon drizzle cake with lemon curd buttercream, chocolate cake with chocolate ganache buttercream, and a delicious rich fruit cake.

Delicious brandy fruit cake

Have you tried our delicious rich brandy fruit cake?

Seminaked cake with buttercream rose

Handpiped buttercream roses adorn this extra tall vanilla and raspberry cake

Chocolate and Gold Drip Rose

Handcrafted chocolate fondant roses top this opulent gold drip cake with gold edible lace

Ballet Shoes and Rose Cake

Handmade Ballet Shoes and Roses make this the perfect gift for a dancer.

Gold lace Royal Iced Peony Cake

Royal Icing gives crisp edges and a traditional finish to this classic cake. Topped with a handmade large peony and pearl garland.

Semi naked buttercream peony cake

A beautifully simple and fresh semi-naked cake with vanilla sponge and vanilla and reaspberry filling.

Booties pink Christening cake

Handcrafted edible lace and sugar booties, perfect for a special baby's celebration. Edible lace and a large sugar bow give a traditional pretty feel.

Marzipan apples hexagonal cake

Handmade marzipan apples and apple blossom make this royal iced wedding cake design a real showstopper. Perfect for an imposing venue!

Pink Rose Love

Silver Birch effect, pink roses and a drip cake tier make this cake design perfect for the on trend wedding couple.

Orchid Chocolate Cake

Handmade Sugar Orchids elegantly arch over this chocolate fondant design. Simply beautiful.

Pale Gold Lace and Peony

Smooth Royal Icing gives sharp clean edges to this subtle gold lace cake design with handmade large peony.

Vintage Rose Teacup

Deeply stacked lavender tiers finished with pretty piping and handcrafted sugar blush roses. This cake suited the regency venue and complemented the vintage rose and teacup theme perfectly.

Booties Christening Cake

Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Ganache Buttercream on the first tier, with delicate edible lace. Luscious zesty lemon cake on top with handcrafted sugar booties. Perfect for a gorgeous little boy's Christening day.

Lace Booties

These handmade sugar booties are decorated with edible lace to match the cake. Perfect to wrap in tissue paper and keep as a reminder of the day!

Marzipan Fruits

Handcrafted marzipan fruits and berries set with silk open roses and glass jewels. This cake was designed with a regency wedding banquet in mind, and suited the Assembly Rooms Venue perfectly.

Scroll trees and Butterflies

Edible sugar paper trees set amongst hand piped pearls, tiny butterflies and handcrafted lavender and blush roses. A vintage garden wedding required a nature-inspired design.

Orange gerbera cake

Handcrafted gerberas really contrast with the intense electric blue of the satin ribbon. Two tiers of chocolate fudge cake are smothered with rich chocolate ganache buttercream. A beautiful contemporary scheme.

Butterfly Piping
Lavender flower cascade

handcrafted blush roses and purple blossoms cascading over a lavender chocolate fudge cake.

Vintage flower garden

A special birthday cake with a very feminine touch. Handcrafted gerbera, roses, petunias and blossoms atop a vintage striped vanilla sponge, filled with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream.

Vintage rose and lace

Handcrafted ruby red roses set with glass jewels and sugarpaste lace swags. This design mirrored the roses and lace elements of the happy couple's wedding - 40 years ago.

Butterfly Bunting Cake

Pretty hand finished sugar butterflies with paper bunting, selected to match other decorations.

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